Xtreme 2 Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii - Hyperkin

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Dimensions: 31" x 3" x 10"  (L x W x H)

Quick Overview:

Designed and engineered for the Nintendo Wii platform, the Xtreme 2 Wireless Guitar Controller features Wii remote port for easy cordless play.
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Xtreme 2 Wireless Guitar Controller for Wii - Hyperkin


Hyperkin's Xtreme 2 Guitar allows you to shred mercilessly on any track with our quick action fret buttons, pushing your skills to their limit. Kick out the most brutal jams on your favorite Wii guitar games with our durable strum bar and realistic, chrome whammy bar. The Xtreme 2 Guitar works wirelessly through your own Wii remote. Just pop your remote into the back of the guitar - no additional power needed. The rock gods have summoned you for greatness, and the only way to become a legend is with the right axe!

Additional Information

  • Compatible with Guitar Hero and Rock Band games
  • Powered by your own Wii remote
  • Quick action fret buttons
  • Realistic whammy bar