PS2 Swap Magic Slide Tool

Dimensions: 2" x 0" x 3"  (L x W x H)

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Quick Overview:

The Swap Magic Slide Tool for the PS2 allows you to play import and backup games without a modchip, and should be used with Swap Magic 3.

PS2 Swap Magic Slide Tool


The PS2 Swap Magic Slide Tool is an easy, simple, and inexpensive way for anyone to play their PS2 CD-R or DVD-R backups without use of a modchip.
Normally, when installing a backup solution, it is necessary to open the PS2 Console to make modifications, thereby voiding the Sony warranty. With the Slide tool, opening of the console is not necessary, allowing you to play backups without installing a modchip, and keeps your Sony Warranty intact.

    Compatible with the Following PS2 Systems:

  • SCPH-30000
  • SCPH-30001
  • SCPH-30002
  • SCPH-30003
  • SCPH-30004

  • SCPH-30000R
  • SCPH-30001R
  • SCPH-30002R
  • SCPH-30003R
  • SCPH-30004R
  • SCPH-30006R

  • SCPH-35001
  • SCPH-35002
  • SCPH-35003
  • SCPH-35004

  • SCPH-39000
  • SCPH-39001
  • SCPH-39002
  • SCPH-39003
  • SCPH-39004
  • SCPH-39008
  • SCPH-37000

  • SCPH-50000
  • SCPH-50001
  • SCPH-50002
  • SCPH-50003
  • SCPH-50004
  • SCPH-50010
  • SCPH-55001
  • SCPH-55006
  • SCPH-55007
  • SCPH-55010

Additional Information

  • The Slide-Tool must be used with the Swap Magic 3.
  • No modification of the PS2 console, keeping the warranty intact.
  • Cheap and easy to use.
  • Slide-tool is compatible with CD-R and DVD-R backups.
  • Slide-tool is compatible with ALL PS2 models (included the latest V9 version SCPH50000).