Briar Rabbit

Coverage (Posted: Jan 23,2019)
Old Games, New Hardware! - Hyperkin Retron 5 Review
"Overall, my impressions are pretty positive on this thing. I really like it"



Coverage (Posted: Jan 21,2019)
2019 Budget Genesis Shootout: Gamerz Tek MiniGen HD vs Hyperkin MegaRetron HD vs HD Retrovision
"I think I may actually like the MegaRetroN HD's video output a little more than what een the original system looks like."


John Hancock

Coverage (Posted: Jan 3,2019)
Sega Genesis Flashback 2018 VS Mega Retron HD
""I had no problem playing a majority of games in my collection. In fact, I hardly had any issues whatsoever! ""
John Hancock

Coverage (Posted: Jan 1,2019)
You Decide: Atari Flashback 9 or Retron 77
""This (RetroN 77) is something for collectors. You know we've been waiting for this thing for a long time, and it is the first time that a clone console came out that plays 2600 cartridges." "
Gamers Nexus

Coverage (Posted: Dec. 28,2018)
SupaBoy SFC Handheld & Portable SNES Tear-Down
"Pretty cool device, and from a gameplay standpoint it works."

Coverage (Posted: Dec. 7,2018)
Should You Buy the Hyperkin Mega Retron HD Genesis Megadrive Clone System
"It plays everything I throw at it!"
RoXolid Productions

Coverage (Posted: Nov. 26,2018)
Breaking News: Hyperkin to Release Officially Licensed Xbox Classic Pack on 12/3/2018
"You can help make your Xbox One X look exactly like that (Original Xbox) and have the same type of controller experience with the Hyperkin Duke."
John Riggs

Coverage (Posted: Nov. 24, 2018)
Mega Retron HD - Genesis Clone from Hyperkin Review
"Pretty impressive, gotta be honest with you. It does Virtual Racing which means it will do anything else. It did my little multi cart. It did homebrews. Very cool."
8 Bit Flashback

Coverage (Posted: Nov. 20, 2018)
Sega review: MEGA RETRON HD by Hyperkin "MegaDive/ Genesis clone"
"Overall, I am very happy with it. The sound and the game play and all the games I have tested have been amazing."

Coverage (Posted: Nov. 10, 2018)
Hyperkin Admiral Announced! Nintendo 64 Bluetooth Controller!
"Pretty sweet. Pretty sweet. I can't wait to get my hands on this Hyperkin controller!"

Coverage (Posted: Nov. 8, 2018)
Hyperkin Mega RetroN HD System Review
"If you are a big Genesis fan, and you have kind of a budget of what you would want to spend, this is a product to look into."

Coverage (Posted: Nov. 8, 2018)
Blast Processing Powered Unboxing: Hyperkin Mega Retron HD Sega Genesis & Mega Drive HDMI System
"At first glance, I am liking what I am seeing! There are a lot of positives to like."
RGT 85

Coverage (Posted: Nov. 5, 2018)
Mega Retron HD - A Sega Genesis Clone Worth Owning? | RGT 85
"Honestly, I do recommend this product. I actually think it’s a good way to play Sega Genesis cartridges."
Austin Evans

Coverage (Posted: Sept. 29, 2018)
Building The Ultimate Xbox One X
"If you really want the ultimate controller for the Xbox One X though, you want the Duke."

Coverage (Posted: July 26, 2018)
Unboxing the New Green Xbox One Duke Controller
"If you are like me and remember playing some original Halo on this and want to fire up your Master Chief collection, this is an awesome gift for you to add to your collection."
John Hancock

Coverage (Posted: Jun. 24, 2018)
Retron 77 Console Review
"I do like it overall. I think does a great start to playing classic Atari 2600 games on a modern TV."
Metal Jesus

Coverage (Posted: Jun. 22, 2018)
Retron 77 Console Review
"I really like the design of the system, it looks modern yet it pays hommage to the original classic."
Metal Jesus

Coverage (Posted: May 29, 2018)
Original XBOX games on Xbox One w/skin & Duke controller - I can’t help myself!
"I also had to pick up the Hyperkin Duke controller. Why? Because I am very excited about how Microsoft has been making this console backwards compatible for the Original Xbox as well as the Xbox 360."

Coverage (Posted: Apr. 9, 2018)
The Duke is Back | GameStop TV
"It actually plays the original Xbox boot up animation, so you get a little taste of nostalgia every time you use the controller."

Coverage (Posted: Mar. 27, 2018)
New Supaboy SFC Handheld Review - Portable SNES
"I think this is a really solid Super Nintendo handheld clone. To be honest, I think its one of the better ones on the market you can get." "

Coverage (Posted: Feb. 21, 2018)
Hyperkin HDMI to Wii Unboxing/setup
"I would definitely recommend getting this."