Hyperkin Media Coverage
Coverage (Posted: Jan. 11, 2019)
"The RetroN DIY for SNES is definitely a sight to behold." - Neowin
Coverage (Posted: Jan. 6, 2019)
""Thankfully there is a god in this world because Hyperkin has announced a solution" - Destructoid
Coverage (Posted: Dec. 26, 2018)
""The online retailer has begun offering Hyperkin’s Xbox Classic Pack, which offers a dose of old-school goodness while keeping with the modern theme of the Xbox One and Xbox One X." - Comic Book WWG
Coverage (Posted: Dec. 16, 2018)
""The MegaRetron HD is a pleasure to use, and the fact that you must use the original game cartridges to play the games makes that feeling of nostalgia even stronger." - Rapid Review UK
Coverage (Posted: Nov. 16, 2018)
""For a niche replacement accessory, the Hyperkin Hyper Click Retro Style Mouse hits it out of the park. Modernizing the tech inside the mouse allows Hyperkin to improve upon the shortcomings of the Nintendo original." - Game Tyrant
Coverage (Posted: June. 15, 2018)
""Nostalgic gamers are going to be clamoring to get one, but Hyperkin has actually designed it as the ultimate instrument for Chiptune musicians." - Gizmodo
Coverage (Posted: March 23, 2018)
"I don't think anything is perfect,' he (Seamus Blackley) said. 'I don't think this exercise was about making the perfect Xbox controller. This is about making the perfect Duke for 2018." - Edgadget
Coverage (Posted: Jan. 18, 2018)
"Complete with contemporary controls and a fun LCD display, the Hyperkin Duke is 2018's most awesome Xbox controller with ease." - Windows Central
Coverage (Posted: Jan. 12, 2017)
"...this adapter is sure to be popular with existing Retron 5 owners as well as boosting sales of the multi-game console." - PC Mag
Coverage (Posted: Nov. 8, 2016)
"The machine is almost ideal if you are considering trying retro gaming without wanting to throw money at Ebay or similar used markets."
Coverage (Posted: Dec. 22, 2016)
"...why not relive that decade (the 90s) every day of your damn life forever and ever with this SNES-themed mechanical keyboard. Radical, right?" - The Verge
Coverage (Posted: June 6, 2014)
"Definitely, the SupaBoy S has the best visual screen on the Super Nintendo handheld market..." - Gamester81
Coverage (Posted: June 19, 2016)
"...it's likely the closest you'll get to reviving your childhood short of dragging the original hardware out of storage."
Coverage (Posted: June 18, 2016)
"Easily one of the coolest little gadgets we found on the floor at E3 this year."
Coverage (Posted: June 19, 2016)
"...it's likely the closest you'll get to reviving your childhood short of dragging the original hardware out of storage."
Coverage (Posted: June 19, 2016)
"...this is as good a reason as any for iOS devotees to jump ship to Android."
Coverage (Posted: June 6, 2014)
"The machine is almost ideal if you are considering trying retro gaming without wanting to throw money at Ebay or similar used markets."
Coverage (Posted: January 28, 2015)
"The Hyperkin RetroN 5 is the best retro game console we've seen yet."
Coverage (Posted: June 6, 2014)
"If there's an issue, then there is a firmware update along with that. So they'll (Hyperkin) make a patch, you put it on an sd card, you put it into the system itself, and you're good to go. It's fixed. That's nice that they've given the ability to fix the problem."
Coverage (Posted: May 24, 2014)
"It does things with real cartridges that could previously be accomplished only with PC-based emulators and ROMs."
Coverage (Posted: July 7, 2014)
"It makes many of the real world hassles of retro-gaming so damned convenient and accessible. You just need a pile of cartridges and a modern HDMI display."
Coverage (Posted: July 17, 2014)
" The new Xbox One Kinect isn't supposed to work on a PC. But hey, here it is."
Coverage (Posted: July 6, 2014)
"This isn't just an inexpensive way to replace ageing or decrepit hardware; it offers an experience which is, in many ways, far superior to that seen on the original machines. "
Coverage (Posted: April 13, 2011)
Good thing you kept all your old SNES cartridges, right? Hyperkin, the accessories manufacturer, has developed the SupaBoy, a portable SNES. Fingers crossed, it should be available this summer.
Coverage (Posted: April 13, 2011)
Hyperkin, who sells third-party gaming accessories and various retro game devices (like the RetroN3, a combination NES/SNES/Genesis) announced its next product at the Midwest Gaming Classic last month: the SupaBoy, a portable SNES console that works with real SNES cartridges. It's shaped like a controller, but it also has two controller ports, so you can play while you play.
Coverage (Posted: June 7, 2011)
Sure, all the morning's news may have been surrounding a vowel-augmented console from Nintendo, the Wii U, but a certain other Nintendo console that has fewer vowels is also seeing some well-deserved love here at E3 2011. It's the classic SNES, and its been reborn as the SupaBoy, courtesy of Hyperkin. It's a handheld version of the console that's basically intended to fulfill a gamers' desire for portable classic gaming but without having to ask for advice in the Ben Heck Forums. Click on through for some impressions of this handheld wunderconsole.
Coverage (Posted: April 13, 2011)
Third party gaming accessory manufacturer Hyperkin has just announced the upcoming SupaBoy, a handheld console that plays original SNES cartidges.
Coverage (Posted: April 18, 2011)
Direct from Hyperkin (makers of gaming accessories) is a new handheld gaming system called the SupaBoy which is shaped like an SNES controller and plays original 16-bit SNES games with the help of their 3.5" screen. Also included are two front-loading ports, which are compatible with regular SNES controllers and allow up to two people to play a game on their TV.
Coverage (Posted: April 13, 2011)
And no, don't make a Game Boy Advance joke, you smart-ass. Hyperkin's Supaboy is an upcoming handheld unit that's actually a Super Nintendo. Like, you have to insert Super Nintendo cartridges to play it.
Coverage (Posted: June 8, 2011)
For an engorged SNES controller stuffed with SNES guts, a 3.5-inch screen, a rechargeable battery and loaded up with an original F-Zero SNES cartridge, the Supaboy is surprisingly un-weighty.
Coverage (Posted: May 9, 2011)
Nintendo 3DS users will soon have another way to extend their system's notoriously limited battery life, thanks to Hyperkin's new 3DS Powerplus. Slated for release this summer, the 2.2-ounce accessory slips on to the back of the console without obstructing the 3DS' cartridge port, SD card and game controls, while adding an extra 1800mAh to the device's standard 1300mAh battery.
Coverage (Posted: May 10, 2011)
As we all know by now, the Nintendo 3DS is not known for having a long battery life. When stacked up against its earlier brethren (DS Lite and DSi) – the 3DS doesn't stand a chance. This is due to the fact that having to output stereoscopic 3D requires more processing power, especially when you're playing a game. Now we know we can extend the battery life by turning down the 3D effect – but then what's the point of getting the 3DS in the first place?
Coverage (Posted: May 8, 2011)
Yet another gaming peripheral manufacturer is getting into the 3DS battery life extension racket -- following in the footsteps of Nyko's Power Pak+, Hyperkin is planning to release a 3DS attachment this summer which promises to double the lifespan of the handheld. The battery, which attaches to the bottom of the device, also includes an improved grip and an LED indicator to show how much longer you can get your Nintendogs on before you need to recharge.
Coverage (Posted: May 9, 2011)
Hyperkin is preparing a new 3DS battery extender for release very shortly that will allow you to enjoy the 3D effects on your 3DS for longer than the manufacturers 3-5 hour limit, promising to double the life of the 3DS battery.
Coverage (Posted: May 22, 2011)
With the PSN finally back up, it's time for important things -- you know, messaging your buds for a Black Ops pwning spree or hitting up Netflix. Hyperkin's Remotext for PS3 wants to help you get back into action with its hybrid remote / controller / chatpad. It features a slide-out Blu-ray remote panel, QWERTY keypad -- better positioned than SONY's offering -- and two analog nubs with a near-complete set of gaming controls.
Coverage (Posted: May 22, 2011)
Fans of texting and gaming on the PlayStation 3 will be happy to know that they no longer have to use the onscreen keyboard while chatting on the console. Hyperkin has announced its upcoming PS3 controller that will be unveiled at this year's E3. Called the PS3 Remotext, this controller basically combines the functionality of a PS3 gaming controller with a QWERTY keyboard and a Blue-ray player remote control.
Coverage (Posted: May 23, 2011)
This week Hyperkin have unveiled their new PS3 Remotext device which combines a full QWERTY keypad and DVD-Blu-ray control together with Playstation style buttons and thumb pads.
Coverage (Posted: June 3, 2011)
Hyperkin, a recognized and trusted brand of video game peripherals, has announced that it will be the exclusive distributor of video game software title, Dance Battle VS for PlayStation 3.